August 9, 2020  | 

Treasure Coast Blues Society Board of Directors Meeting

August 9, 2020 Conference call meeting

Members attended:

Dennis Murphy

Sandra Griffith

Danielle McCune

Elaine Souza

Hawk Levy

Jill Albert

Lee Demopoulos

Mike Loschiavo


Club President Dennis started the meeting by speaking about reading last month's minutes.

We voted to accept the minutes as read.

Dennis had traveled around the country for the last couple of months and checked on Blues

Society events. There was very little going on and very few events happening with other clubs that he


Danielle gave her Treasurer's report. She read off all our bank accounts totals. Then she reported

that she got 3 debit cards connected with our accounts to be used by officers in our Blues Society's

name. Hawk made motion for the Treasurers report to be accepted as read, and Elaine seconded that.

Dennis also got business cards for us to use and fill in, located at Dani's house for now.

Jill collected our mail from the PO Box. She reported there were notices from the IRSC winners

thanking our Club for their Scholarships. Hawk suggested we contact the college to see if they have

any photos of the winners. Dennis will contact them.

The 2020 IBC playoff competition has new expanded rules for contests due to the Coronavirus.

Dennis emailed them to us, and we have read the new rules. There is a choice now from the Blues

Foundation to let the Affiliate Clubs perform Live challenges, according to our State and local Covid

19 rules, or to conduct virtual challenges for the musicians with video submissions according to the

submitted rules. A vote on this was taken and the board voted 6 to 2 to have the video submission in

lieu of a live contest. We agreed to hold the announcement to our members to see if the foundation will

have any further information about the IBC finals in Jan-Feb. Dennis will stay in touch with them.

Dennis will post these expanded rules for IBC playoffs in his next Blues Society News Letter for

informational purposes so the bands can get a head start.

We agreed that any board member who will participate in a band for the IBC will keep their

duties on our Board separate and will not be a part of the planning for the IBC challenge.

Jill and Elaine will go over the membership list together to update.

Hawk suggested we invite our FB friends to “LIKE” our Blues Society Face Book page. We

agreed that it could boost membership.

We discussed holding our IBC challenge earlier next year to get all the musicians interested

earlier in our Playoffs in 2021.

We will have another meeting on conference call Sunday August 30 th at 4 pm. Mike made a

motion to adjourn meeting and Elaine seconded that.


Sandra Griffith, Recording Secretary, Treasure Coast Blues Society

Treasure Coast Blues Society Meeting