Welcome from the president

An open letter to those interested in the Treasure Coast Blues Society. 

     Welcome to the Treasure Coast Blues Society formerly The Blues Alliance of the Treasure Coast. I am so happy that you find yourself here on our new web page. 

My name is Hawk Levy and I have been the president of the TCBS for a little over a year. Our past president resigned from the organization they were going to fold. As a charter member I was not going to let that happen. 19 years of hard work and dedicated people put a lot of energy into the blues society and I wanted it to continue and succeed.  I agreed to take the helm, reluctantly. It's taken me a year to get it back on track as the past president gave us almost no support whatsoever, including passwords to the web page, passwords to be able to receive all the emails as they were sent to a personal account, never forwarding any emails coming into the the Blues Society. Quite frankly it is really sad that I have to put this in writing, as it was very disappointing.

    I was left at a great disadvantage, but as a charter member of the blue Society I am determined to rebuild it. As you could see by the website we have now a full board of directors. Many people stepped in to help as well as a few have stayed on to continue. Things are doing much better now. We have had monthly meetings for the past 8 months , The website is building slowly as I am the only one working on it. I have welcomed and reached out to blues bands within our footprint, on the Treasure Coast, to submit their listings via email and I will post them on the site. 

    This is our first posting of events coming up. My apology as it may seem a little top-heavy with my events, but we are collecting money and new members at every one of my shows. Terra Fermata, which has most of my shows has been extremely supportive of the blue society as well as Eric Wickstrom being a board member. It is also one of the few clubs as well as Double Roads Tavern / Vince Flora that elect to have blues bands in their venues. 

Therefore I encourage you to please attend our next meeting and some of the sponsored events by the Treasure Coast Blues Society, to support us and join u in our growth.

Here's an outline of some of the things that we accomplished in the past year.

- TCBS now has a thriving Facebook page that has over 1,000 likes

- We now have a working web page, where you can refer to make dues payments, donate, purchase t-shirts and enter our International Blues Challenge in September.

- We founded a new charity within the Blues Society called the Big Daddy Musicians Relief Fund to honor Thomas DeStephano. This fund provides Bridge money for musicians that have an emergency medical issue or tragedy. We have already funded three recipients.

- In the past two years we've given out three scholarships for full-time students at IRSC studying music and seeking a career in the music field.

- We held out first annual Rich Griffith Memorial Picnic in May of this year with the Joey Tenuto band and was a great success.

- We have held our regional International Blues Challenges and sent two bands to compete in the international blues challenge in Memphis Tennessee

- We changed the name of the organization from the blues Alliance of the Treasure to the Treasure Coast Blues Society which more accurately depicts our organization.

- We now have a dedicated Treasurer, a dedicated Membership Chair, a dedicated  Secretary, and many committed members and board members that have contributed greatly to our events this year.

- The TCBS were the sole recipient of money raised at the Big Daddy Blues Festival held the past 2 years.

- We have held a monthly blues jam and meeting at various venues that support live music. 

We welcome and encourage all musicians in our community to please be involved, come to our next meeting, or send your band listings in to the

I also want to assure everybody that nothing above was decided upon by one person. Every situation was voted on or run by the officers of the Blues Society. I assure you this is not a "Hawk Show" as somebody put it, the need was there and I I'm dedicated to fill it. I assure you no important decisions were made by one person including myself. Everything is voted on by the board of directors in an open forum. 

    The Treasure Coast Blues Society is not just existing, we are now thriving and adding a lot to our community.  Please be part of our growth as we welcome any suggestions, criticisms or content input for this website, but more importantly we want you to be involved.

Thank You for taking the time to read this, 

Hawk Levy

President, Treasure Coast Blues Society, Inc a 501 c3

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