Important information for the International Blues Challenge playoffs.  READ THIS ENTIRE INSTRUCTION PAGE

Entering and Rules

The International Blues Challenge is an international competition sanctioned by Blues Foundation.

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO REVIEW ALL OF THIS INFORMATION PRIOR TO THE LOCAL COMPETITION. This information can be found at Remember that you must have a short bio (details on to enter.

Official IBC 2024/2025 Rules & FAQ: CLICK HERE

Local Winners of Competition Next Steps

All information regarding rules, registering (after you have won locally), and information about the competition location, hotel information, etc., can be found at . You will register key information about your act, such as:

  2. EACH BAND MEMBERS NAMEInform the Treasure Coast Blues Society of your status after registering at  and we will send you a confirmation that we received the band information.

Local Competition and Fund Raisers

If you win the REGIONAL Treasure Coast Blues Society competition, each band member, or solo/duo member, will be awarded at least a $250.00 prize to offset the costs to attend the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, PLUS any funds raised at ‘fund-raisers’ leading up to the IBC.

All bands are required to perform at the fund raisers that we present for the competition to raise additional money for you to travel and for expenses. A check for all band members will be presented to the designated band leader to disburse an equal portion to the other band members. We try to run 3 fund raisers for you. If you do not participate in a fund raiser you will not receive a proportionate disbursement from the funds raised at that fundraiser.

Winning Bands Registration at

If you win locally, you are responsible to register at the Blues Foundation website shortly after the local competition***. Again… YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO REVIEW ALL OF THIS INFORMATION AND THE RULES PRIOR TO THE IBC. Once you register you will receive a “registration number”.  You must provide the Treasure Coast Blues Society this number in a timely manner and then be prepared to present it to the blues foundation to register in Memphis. You can email that registration to Once you receive the code and then on or about January 1st 2024 you will receive the local prize money and the funds that were raised at the fundraisers. If for any reason your band is disqualified at the International Blues Challenge you must return all funds raised and the prize money from the Treasure Coast Blues Society.

Official IBC 2024/2025 Rules & FAQ: CLICK HERE



For your reference, here are the categories musicians will be judged by on both the Local and National Competition:

  • Blues Content: The sound and feel of the music should be true to any of blues sub-categories: traditional blues, country blues, soul blues, blues rock and/or contemporary blues. Judges will be listening for inspired and original song selections or new takes on blues standards. Creative reach is encouraged.
  • Originality: Original work is encouraged. Cover tunes are allowed but playing the recorded rendition lick by lick is discouraged, will not be looked upon favorably by the judges, and will be reflected in scoring.
    Acts must indicate if their songs are their own original material (this can be done at the start of the set or before each song as appropriate) and/or identify the covers that they are playing and acknowledge the originator.
  • Vocals: The act’s vocal skills to include concepts of tone, musicality, meaning, and expression.
  • Instrumental Talent: Ability level on all instruments featured within the act.
  • Stage Presence: The ability to command the attention of the audience by the impressiveness of one’s manner and appearance on stage. Judges will consider how an act connects with and engages the audience in the music. Proper use of microphones and amplification will be considered.