Treasure Coast Blues Society, Inc.

Treasure Coast Blues Society, Inc.

Treasure Coast Blues Society, Inc.Treasure Coast Blues Society, Inc.

To Support and Promote the American Art of the Blues on the Treasure Coast


Treasure Coast Blues Society new Board Members

Treasure Coast Blues Society new Board Members

Treasure Coast Blues Society new Board Members

President - Dennis Murphy

Vice President - Hawk Levy

Treasurer - Danielle Jordan

Secretary - Sandra Griffith

Board Member - Jill Albert

Board Member - Lee Demopouls

Board Member - Elaine Romano

Board Member - Mike Loschiavo

Board Member - Dave D'Byrd


Treasure Coast Blues Society new Board Members

Treasure Coast Blues Society new Board Members


Next TCBS Meeting

Date: March 29, 2020

Location: American Legion Post 40, 810 S US-1, Fort Pierce, FL 34950

Time: Board Meeting - 4:00 pm

Blues Jam Hosted by Blue Rey Coastal Blues Band - 6:00 pm



Treasure Coast Blues Society new Board Members


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May 1 meeting

                                  Treasure Coast Blues Society Meeting

 Double Roads Tavern, July, 31 st 2019

Members Attended:

Vince Flora

Hawk Levy

Sandra Griffith

Elaine Souza

Jill Albert

Lee Demopolous

Jaime Wood -sat in, member presently

Meeting came to order, as we passed out the minutes of last meeting, and they were read, and accepted as is. Motioned by Hawk, seconded by Vince. It was mentioned that our scholarships were done, accepted by Indian River State College.

Hawk brought up that 24% of our emails were accepted. A good amount. Vince said he could get us on ZEN Reach, email list .Emails were sent out for our Jam tonight, however Face Book will remain our primary method of contacting and notifying members and future members. A link to South Fla, Blues Society will be included Tanya”s calendar. It was announced, Hawk ordered and received Corp Member signs. Awarded one to Vince Flora for Double Roads.

Crafted Keg, Stuart wants a regular Blues Jam there, Wednesdays. And for us to think about having a guitar Showcase THERE as well.

Our Guitarists For Double Roads Guitar Showcase on Aug 25th, that have been confirmed,

are Ed Bereios, Pete Quigley, Jake Walden, Dave Byrd, Stevie Bolanda, and Danny Dratch. So far. We will contact Jeff Medina. And J.P. Soars.

We are setting up tickets for that on our web page, in advance. The Showcase was decided'

with Vince Flora's input, to be 2 to 6pm on the 25thSunday afternoon. Elaine, Sandy , Jill will handle people entering to see the event at a table, with tickets as well. Danielle Sandy's granddaughter will be contacted for help that day of event too. Tee shirt table will be covered, as well as raffle tickets, sold, $1, for A TICKET CHANCE, OR $ 5, FOR 6 CHANCES TICKETS.

WE discussed entrance to even t fee, perhaps $ 8 to $ 10 . But if a person joins Blues Society that day, $20 or higher, they get a Tee shirt Jill motioned to accept it, and Lee seconded that.

Hawk will donate a $100 gift card for his store, and Jaimie Wood will try to get a large donation item, from his connection through Guitar Center. Jill will help Jaimie getting raffle items from companies. We will give items to Dennis, perhaps to hold for Vince or Hawk, if needed. Advertising

for this event will be in South Fla Music magazine per Vince. And our I.B.C. event Sept. 

Our Aug meeting will be at Crafted Keg, Wed. as we are keeping last Wed of every month, for monthly, as well as General Meetings, 6pm.. It was motioned by Dennis, seconded by Elaine. Vince is doing a

Sound Festival , at Harborside Place Jupiter, Jan. or Feb, 2020 to aid the of Live Music in our area.


The Barnstormers will be coming. For outdoor live music. We should go to Facebook, invite friends.

Elaine motioned to adjourn meeting for now. And Dennis seconded it. / After our meeting, Hawk contacted everyone on board, and got the date of our International Blues Conference Playoffs to be held at Double Roads, moved from Sept. 14th, to Sept. 28th. It was passed by majority vote.

Sandra Griffith

Secretary, Treasure Coast Blues Society