Treasure Coast Blues Society is a 501c3

To Support and Promote the American Art of the Blues on the Treasure Coast

Treasure Coast Blues Society is a 501c3

To Support and Promote the American Art of the Blues on the Treasure Coast


General Meeting And Blues Jam

Hosted by

 Treasure Coast Blues Society

JULY 31  6:30 PM Start 

  Double Roads Tavern 

 251 US-1, Jupiter, FL 33477

 (561) 203-7061

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 Celebrate America's Music - Pro Jam and Covered Dish Party

Open to the PUBLIC - No Cover Charge

Hosted by Hurricane Hawk & the Invaders

BluesBerry Jam and 7 others · 

Thursday, July 4, 2019 at 6 PM – 10 PM

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May 1 meeting

                                  Treasure Coast Blues Society Meeting

                                            May 1st 2019 Hawk's House

Members attended:

Hawk Levy

Elaine Souza

Sandra Griffith

Mike Loshavio

Dennis Murphy

Billy Hooker Patti Sanchez

Jill Albert

Lee Dempolous


                   We opened our meeting with board member Dennis Murphy bringing up we should have

a monthly meeting the first Wed. of every month. General meetings could be at Chubbies Restaurant,

to start, then other venues. Elaine motioned to accept last month's meeting notes that Secty. Sandy read.

Corrected by Dennis ..Meeting times will be 6:00pm left as is, seconded by Dennis Murphy. 

                   Hawk reserved a Blues Band for May 19th Memorial Picinic. The Joey Tenuto Band,

Starting at 1:00pm and playing till 4:30pm. 

                    We voted to boost our posting for the flyer for our picinic,and share these posts with friends, groups and individuals. Boosted for $25.00 Mike made the motion to boost the flyer page, and Joann Seconded it. The Memorial picinic in member Rich Griffith's name, will benefit our Musicians relief fund. We included in the flyer that our club provides soft drinks and or water for a donation of any amount. Also Hamburgers and hotdogs as well. 

                    It would be more efficient if , as Elaine Souza suggested , we use tickets we already have

,for our 50/50 raffle. Elaine reported to Hawk how many paper plates, foam, ware and plastic utensils as well as napkins and tickets we have. We will need donations for soft drinks water and food we cook. Kenny Griffith was voted in as a member of the blues club.

He had donated back his pay for being core drummer at our jam at Chubbies. We will cover his dues with that. He will be grill master for the picinic .May 19th Sandhill Park , Port St Lucie,

                    Kenny and Sandy Griffith will use blues club funds and Hawks B Js card to purchase all supplies for picinic the day before. Including Meats, buns, condiments, sodas, waters, and ice bags and charcoal .There was approved 100 hamburgers and 200 hotdogs. And all buns, 10 bags of ice, 4 or so bags of charcoal some starter fluid foil, and etc. 

                    Dennis reported on memberships .He needs information from Mike Loschavio also on new memberships Sandy signed up at Terra Fermata a month ago she handed over to him. Pay Pal  had glitches with returning membership fee amounts to payees. We must be able to prove members are paid up. As a 5013C. Some dates on Dennis's records were updated at the meeting by using  dates on the cards our members had on them we give out when you first sign up. Those are proof. 

                   Mike and Hawk and Dennis confirmed they will get the rest of membership spreadsheet updated by forming a committee and including Eric at Terra Fermata, to work on the Web page .,per Hawk. 

                   Emailing will be a colaboration on renewing memberships with Dennis and Hawk. It will be done by emails they are sending out to ask members to renew through those emails.

                     Lee Demopoulos made a company donation for this Memorial picinic,per his Air Conditioning Company ..the  business Lee owns. Which was a blessing for us. The last Jam we had at

Chubbies ,Doc Brown also refused musician pay for playing with core band,and returned to us as a donation. It was appreciated. 

                    Jill Albert motioned to have a new Blues Club Logo for us. Members voted and it was passed by a majority vote It was mentioned we need Tee Shirts for picinic and for members to wear to our Jams and events.

                   Blues Magazine mentions local gigs  and bands. And Hawk will ask Tonya to help out with that suggesting links on gigs Spreading per a link from South Florida Blues Society .

                   Hawk mentioned doing a few showcases with the core band. We will plan a guitar showcase through Vince Flora, Double Roads.

                   June 5th Wed. will be our next monthly meeting . Elaine motioned to adjourn for now. Joann seconded it. 

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