March 3, 2021  | 

Treasure Coast Blues Society Meeting

Wed. March 3rd ,

Applebee’s Restaurant, Port St. Lucie, Fl.

Members Attended; Hawk Levy Ed Berrios Kenny Griffith Mike Loschiavo Lee Demopoulos Elaine Souza Sandy Griffith David Byrd Jill Albert  Hawk opened this meeting, reporting that he had addressed our 990 non profit forms, and 501C3, and all our legals were getting updated. He announced as well, that Dennis paid legal fees for annual report, that we owe him from last year. Danielle, treasurer was not in attendance, but told me she is sending a check for that. And a $500.00 donation from our Big Daddy Relief Fund, to his family, as well.  Danielle will also help us update who was paid memberships to date, as best we can now .And she was aware of what had to be updated at the bank.  We will be planning our first event of our Rich Griffith Memorial Picnic to benefit the Big Daddy Relief Fund. Hawk will ask Eric of Terra Fermata, for an early May date on a Sunday, for our picnic. And report back next week. Lee mentioned that he would also like to check out the MidFlorida Event Center on Walton Rd, Port St Lucie, for prices and dates too.  Kenny suggested a committee to discuss a band to play at our picnic. We all agreed to write down ,up to 5 bands, each, to have members put in a jar to draw a suggested band, and vote.  Mike looked up one of last years meetings minutes, where notes showed we had at that time agreed to wave members dues for Board members during covid, for 2020. Tonight we had paid up Board members dues regardless, though.  It was suggested that we try to have a band event every other month, as we used to. It will be up to pandemic rules outside venues, and if we get more Corporate Sponsors. And discussed what we can offer them, as club owners. The Board members held nominations, in that we all agreed to stay on Board for now in these positions. But we need more volunteers.  There was a suggestion that a band that is a member, gets a placard that displays or shows the band is a Blues Society member band. They can display it, when playing out.  Sandra read our last monthly meeting notes, from Oct. 2020. They were accepted as is. The openings we have on our Board of Directors right now, are : Permanent Pres., and Vice President. Hawk read off our last Bank balances he obtained , without Danielle. They were accepted as is.  Elaine motioned that we table the rest of the details of our Picnic until Hawk gets a date for us. Lee seconded it.  Board members were asked to go to the website, and suggest any changes or additions we could then vote on. For one thing, it was suggested to give our Corporate Sponsors advertising spaces, between card size on up, as we used to do, to encourage sponsors in our Paper newspaper we had.  Elaine motioned to adjourn our meeting, and Mike seconded it. Next meeting, agreed to be Shindig Restaurant, outside; in Port St Lucie, at 7pm. Wed. 10th .

Hawk will email our Board reminders.

Sandra Griffith, Recording Secretary, Treasure Coast Blues Society