July 20, 2023  | 

Below are the previous winners of the Local International Blues Challenge. 

The Treasure Coast Blues Society (previously the Blues Alliance) is proud to have financially supported these great musicians
for their trip to
The ‘International Blues Competition’ in Memphis.


2022 The Reckless Shots Band/ Dave Scott, Peter George, Will Bell, Brian Cunningham

2022 Two 4 The Blues/ Duo, Denny Artache, Mitch Goldstein


2021 Denny Artache Band / Denny, Jermaine Dukes, Mike Ancona

2021 Dottie Kelly Duo/ Dottie Kelly, Darrell Raines


2019 Denny Artache Band / Denny, Viewiser Taylor, Maurice Dukes


2018 Big Jim Adam/ Solo, Guitar


2017 Jake Walden Band/ Jake Walden, Mike Loschiavo, Bob Ardito

2017 Hat and Matching Suitcase /Duo, Deny Rowand, Richie Correcelli

2017 Front Porch Blues / Duo, Bill Somers, Joe Hastings


2016 Mark Telesca /Guitar Solo

2016 Anni Piper Band / Anni, Joel DaSilva, Jeff Abbott


2015 Blues Crusaders Band /Danny Dratch, Cliff Guest, Jeff Abbott


2014 Mark Telesca Band/ Mark, Robert Alan Gibbs, Antony Livoti


2013 Rockin Jake Band / Jake Jacobs,Steve Laudicina, Fredrick Cleveland, and Maurice Dukes

2013 Youth Single/ Katie Schanze,guitar

2013 Big Jim Adam/ Guitar


2012 Josh Rowand’s Pitbull Of Blues Band / Josh, Deny Rowand, and Richie Correcelli

2012 Solo, Joel Zoss,Guitar